North Patagonia – Seasons

Spring – November 1st through January 1st

Fewer visitors. Tourism increases after the end of December.
Green mountains and valleys covered with wild flowers.
Daytime temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s.
Fish are aggressively feeding after the long, cold winter.
Big fish along the banks feeding.
Great streamer and large dry fly fishing.
Fish are not leader shy.
Higher water levels.
Crystal clear water.
Caleufu River is floatable.
Several productive creeks are only accessible during the spring season.

Summer – January 1st through March 15th

More tourists.
Daytime temperatures between 75 and 90’s.
Hoppers, ants and beetles are prolific.
Fish are looking towards the surface to feed.
Great dry fly action.
3x, 4x and maybe 5x leaders.
Crystal clear water.
Lower water levels.
Willow worm hatch and minnow migration.
Book early. This is prime season and there are many returning priority guests.

Fall – March 15th through May 15th

Summer tourist season is over.
Temperatures are cooler.
Spectacular fall colors arrive.
Crystal clear water.
Prolific mayfly hatches.
Fish are aggressively feeding prior to the arrival of winter.
Brown trout and brook trout are moving and getting ready to spawn.
Lower water presents great dry fly sight fishing possibilities.
April and May is the prime season on the Limay Medio for large migratory browns.