About Us

Our guests and clients soon realize that a distinguishing feature of Andes Drifters is the quality of it staff and employees. We are proud of our hard working professional team and continually strive to deliver the highest standard of service. Your trust in us is highly prized and appreciated. Our aim is to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Andes Drifters is an Argentinian and US owned company that focuses on international travelers. To you, our guests, this is extremely important. Our local presence in Argentina means that you will always have firsthand, real time local knowledge before and during your travels. Our US operation assures you that we have a complete and firm understanding of your expectations and goals during the planning process. This ownership structure combined with a quality team of hard working professionals allows us to offer our guests a world class experience.

Gustavo Hiebaum
Partner & Operational Manager

Gustavo is a founder and Managing Partner of Andes Drifters grew up in Bahia Blanca a small town south of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Coast. Gustavo developed a deep passion for fishing at a very young age. His parents would routinely take him on family vacations to Patagonia.After almost 20 years in the fly fishing industry Gustavo has not lost any of his passion for this sport. He is continually looking out for new ventures around the country, training new guides and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.Through the years Gustavo discovered his new passion was to introduce international guess to Argentine culture and share his loved country with all our guests. His goal is to make sure each visitor fell in love with Argentina and keep returning on trips every year.gustavo@andesdrifters.com | +54 92944 613093

Kevin Howell
Managing Partner

Kevin grew up in Brevard, North Carolina and has had the opportunity to fish around the world. As owner of Davidson River Outfitters, Kevin met the Hiebaum’s several years ago on a hosted trip to Argentina. Kevin is currently an Umpqua Feather Merchant, signature fly designer, and a member of the Farbank Pro Staff where he works with Sage, Redington and Rio Products. Kevin has also authored several magazine articles, books and is past Fly Fishing Master’s National Champion.Kevin uses his experience in the industry to assist in all marketing aspects, as well as helping develop new programs and products for us to offer our clients.
kevin@andesdrifters.com | 828 553 2328

Gonzalo Flego
North Patagonia Head Guide – Marketing & Sales

Gonzalo was born in Campana near Buenos Aires. His father’s work took Gonzalo all over Argentina while he was young. His introduction to fly fishing was with his father. By the time Gonzalo reached college he had decided that he really wanted to chase the real passion of his life; so he moved to San Martin to finish college where he earned a degree in tourism. Gonzalo has now with Andes Drifters for over 12 years to become the head guide for North Patagonia waters. He is now actively involved on sales and marketing for the company working year around to create new opportunities to our guests. If you are looking for a very active, very enthusiastic guide, Gonzalo is the guide for you. He will spend a lot of time trying to get you on the best fishing in Patagonia.
gonzaloflego@yahoo.com.ar | +54 92944 485111

Chip Drozenski
Sales Manager

On the early stage of the company Chip came for a first time visit to celebrate his retirement from his career on IBM. Soon enough he became a key part of the business mentoring Gustavo on how t grow the company. He and his wife Maureen have traveled all over the country and have fished every corner of good fishing waters in Argentina. He developed our lifestyle & adventure side of the company planning amazing vacations for families and couples along the most exciting destinations on the country. He will be a grea person to talk in oder to start planning oyur next visit to Argentina. chipdro@andesdrifters.com | 7045821036

Kevin Landon

After a life of fly-fishing all over North America and a career on Investment Banking. Kevin started to travel to Argentina and Chile and fished with multiple Lodges and Operations several years ago. In 2016 visited and fish with Andes Drifters and after having an incredible experience he decide to become part of the company and promote the business around his network in Colorado and afterwards on several neighbor states. Kevin has formed in this past seasons a deep knowledge about Andes Drifters offers and will be an excellent person to work with in order to start panning your next trip to Argentina. Kevin hosts at least a couple of trips every year on different Andes Drifters venues so if you’re looking to join a trip be sure to talk to him, he will be a grateful host.
kevinlandon@me.com / 720 425 6270

Martin Castañeda
Marketing & Communication – Social Media – Trout Guide

Trained as Graphic Designer & Communication from University of Buenos Aires 20 years ago he decided to leave Buenos Aires and to establish in San Martin searching for a quality life to grow his family. Early on his Patagonian adventure he got involved with fly fishing and discovered the new passion of his life, after few years of exploring the region he became a professional guide. For the last 10 years he has became an important part of our team been the most creative, fun and outgoing personality. Also Martin is in charge of our social media and developing marketing material as photos, videos, etc. If you are looking for a fun guide to be with and outgoing personality, he will be perfect match.
martin@andesdrifters.com | +54 92944 689 570

Bruce Dancik
Company Ambassador in Canada

Besides being a retired professor of University of Alberta and a current member of the Royal Society of Canada Bruce has a life of experience fly fishing all over North America, New Zealand and Argentina. He and his wife Brenda have been fly fishing and travelling around Argentina with Andes Drifters for over 15 years and have developed a deep expertise on the region. They are now ambassadors of the company talking with people about their experiences and helping them to plan their dream vacation to Argentina.bluedun@telusplanet.net | 780 452 3149

Renee Fitts
Company Ambassador in California

Renee is a retired lawyer from San Francisco Bay Area that has developed a late career as a fly fisher lady reaching destinations around the world such as Alaska, Belize and Argentina for trout & Dorado. Her incomparable passion for fly fish have taken her to fish with Andes Drifters 5 years ago and from then and on she has continue fishing at least twice a year on Andes Drifters experiences. Recently she became an Ambassador of our company and she is now hosting fun groups of anglers on the different Andes Drifters venues. Be sure to check on next Renee’s Hosted Trip where you will have a great time on any of her next adventures.
reneefitts@me.com | 609 439 3237

Daniel Etcheverry
Trout Guide – Boat & Equipment Designer

Dan was born in Santa Monica California. At age eleven his parents (both Argentines) decided to move back to Argentina, more specifically to Patagonia. That’s when his fishing passion began. Dan grew up in San Martin de los Andes which gave him plenty of opportunities to fish countless streams and lakes in the area. This passion soon became a way of life and now allows him to spend his summers floating the rivers he loves so much.If you are looking for a laid back, easy going guide then Dan is the guide for you. He will take all the time needed to help you improve your skills and improve your fishing.Dan has been in our team for over 12 years, besides being a great guide, he designs unique equipment for Andes Drifters operation at his welding workshop.

Eduardo Doña
Trout Guide

Eduardo grew up in San Juan province, located in the West Central region of Argentina, this region is home to exceptional wines and decent fishing. His passion for fly fishing led him to San Martin, the best trout fishing in Argentina.Eduardo has spent the last 20 years in San Martin, perfecting his fly fishing and guiding skills and guiding clients on world class fly fishing adventures. Eduardo is also an avid fly tier and ties flies for several of the local shops in San Martin. He has now over 12 years at Andes Drifters team is one of our most requested guides among our clients.

Gonzalo Theill
Trout Guide

After a short career pursuing his Economics Master degree in Buenos Aires, Gonzalo left the city to establish in San martin de los Andes in the search of a higher quality life and the ideal place to grow the family. Being an avid fly fisherman since early age he decided to change his career to pursue his passion and became a guide. It has been eight years since he has been guiding in our team and has develop a great experience and knowledge on the area. Fun to be with and outgoing make of him a great guide.

Jose “Pepe” Pagano
Trout Guide

Another story of a professional, bailing his career. In the search of establishing in a great place, to grow his family, and where he found his life, passion becoming a fishing guide. Pepe is our master motor boat guide to fish the multiple lakes of the region and has an incredible eye to spot trout and get you on sight fishing situation. Easy going and fun to be with, Pepe will make fun of everyday on the water with him.

Koye Casanova
Client Liaison

Coye is a native of San Martin and has been a part of our team since we began operations. Coye is an exceptional client liaison from waking you in the morning with the scent of fresh brewed coffee, to assisting with your laundry needs to serving you dinner in the evening. Coye is the “mother” to all of our clients if you need anything she is there to assist you. Outside of working for Andes Drifters she enjoys spending time with her three wonderful kids and her husband.

Fortunato Torres
Logistics Coordinator

A key person in the Andes Drifters structure while his work happens mainly behind the scene, he is the one to assure everybody knows their job of the next day and makes sure nothing is missing. His works assure Andes Drifters operations in North Patagonia run smoothly.

Andres Leiva
Camps Manager

Native from Picun Leufu town, on the banks of Limay Medio River. Andres started years ago as a Camp Assitant on our Limay Medio Deluxe Rivers Camps. His working ethics and passion for his job toke him to move to San Martin to be one of the persons in charge of Andes Drifters Deluxe Camp Program. Andres has now been the head of our camps for over 6 years, beside running a classy camp he is a passionate cook and serves delicious meals in our camps.

Rodolfo Cabeza
Camps Manager

Native from San Martin de los Andes, Rodyto grew up with passion for the outdoors and found his dream job been able to spend journeys on beautiful and secluded corners of Patagonia. While he started as a driver and camp assistance, his attention to details and work ethics toke him to be the other person to be in charge of Andes Drifters Deluxe Camp Program. You will find him around camp being sure all our guests have what they need while staying in our camps.

Jorge Jaramillo
Camps Assistance

Heading to his second year on the company, his work ethics and attention to detail have taking him to be a stable member of our team. He is now capable not only to help, but also to run a great camp by himself. Jorge have found his passion in life and even with a now very young age we know he will make a long career in the company

Daniel Rolli
Guide Assistant & Transportation

He came to San Martin after a family business life in Buenos Aires and rapidly he became part of our team over 10 years ago. Daniel coordinates transportation for our guests and logistics. Occasionally will help our anglers on their outings. He is an avid fly fisherman and our professional fly tier on the team; he ties all those specialty patterns that you won’t find commercially and provide our guides team with them.

Francisco Paco Morgade
Guide Assistant & Transportartion

Paco, spent his formative years fishing and exploring the areas surrounding Meliquina and San Martin de los Andes. During this time he concluded that he wanted to dedicate his time and energy, as an adult, working outdoors and meeting people.  Several years ago Paco traveled to New Zealand to fulfill his dream to play rugby on the South Pacific Island. While there he also increase his English comprehension and speaking skills. After returning to Argentina and Northern Patagonia he joined the Andes Drifters team. He is currently responsible for helping with camps, client transfers and guiding guests on non-fishing activities. Additionally, he is completing his fishing guide training to achieve his goal of becoming a full time fishing guide.

Fabio Riquelme
Guide Assistant & Transportation

As retired Police officer Fausto is an expert on transportations and drives our anglers daily to our different destinations in North Patagonia. He occasionally would prepare delicious Asados and/or cook great lunches for our guests. He also coordinates maintenance for our pickups and trailers on daily bases every season.

Adrian Salamanca
Main Chef

From early ages Adrian started cooking and collected experience from several restaurant son the region. Being a young chef he toke over Andes Drifters cuisine and 10 years he has raise the level of our served food to an international standard. You will find him preparing delicious meals in some of our lodgings locations and will delight you during every outing lunch while in North Patagonia.

Manuel Albisu
Tour & Adventure Guide

Native of San Martin de los Andes, he is a professional “free style” Snowboarder, besides Manu has become our main guide for families and people touring and exploring the North Patagonia Region. The knowledge of a native combined with his experience of travelling the world on his snow career makes of Manu a very interesting person to be around. You will explore the area doing the most varied activities (hiking, biking, sightseeing, cooking classes, discover artist of the area, tango, kayak and more with Manu’s expertise.

Facundo Romera
Adventure Guide

After an extensive career as adventure race runner, where he won multiple local and international competitions, “Facu” is now dedicated to run the most exciting outings whatever is hiking, biking or kayaking he will plan the most thrilling adventure for our guests adjusting activities to all levels and physical shapes.

Andres Martinez
Partner & Dorado Program Manager – Dorado Guide

Andres grew up along the Rio Parana River where he got involved with the passion of fishing. After a successful career as marketing manager for John Deer in South America decided to pursue his passion of fly fishing for Dorado. He partnered up with Marcelo Callegaris and in association with Andes Drifters they have created in 2013 Parana on the Fly Lodge. He know runs and guides for this successful lodge and is in continuous search for new waters and techniques to chase Dorado and training new guides for our programs.

Marcelo Callegaris
Partner & Dorado Program Manager – Dorado Guide

He is one of the most knowledgeable Dorado angler period and pioneer guiding on the upper Parana River having Marcelo running the operational guarantee that our anglers will have the best strategies and fishing plans every day. Flies patterns designer and developer of new techniques to chase Dorado, Pacu and Pira-Pita Marcelo have revolution this fishery to become an international recognized destination.