Coye (Koshe) Casanova

Client Liaison

Coye is a native of San Martin and has been a part of our team since we began operations. Coye is an exceptional client liaison from waking you in the morning with the scent of fresh brewed coffee, to assisting with your laundry needs to serving you dinner in the evening. Coye is the “mother” to all of our clients if you need anything she is there to assist you. Outside of working for Andes Drifters she enjoys spending time with her three wonderful kids and her husband.

Guillermo Palacios

Camping Operations and Logistics

Guillermo is our logistics and camping coordinator for the Limay River Float trips. Guillermo grew up on the Banks of the Limay River. His local knowledge of the river has allowed us to gain access to some of the most remote spots on the Limay River. This special access allows us to stock our floats mid week, as well as have immediate help in the event of an emergency. Guillermo and his staff set the best camps and cook the best streamside camp meals in all of Patagonia. Also should you need to get married while in Argentina Guillermo is also the local justice of the peace and can marry you on the river bank...

His knowledge of this unique fishery has helped us develop new techniques for catching this trophy trout.

Eduardo Dona


Eduardo grew up in San Juan province, located in the West Central region of Argentina, this region is home to exceptional wines and decent fishing. His passion for fly fishing led him to San Martin, the best trout fishing in Argentina.

Eduardo has spent the last 11 years in San Martin, perfecting his fly fishing and guiding skills and guiding clients on world class fly fishing adventures. Eduardo is also an avid fly tier and ties flies for several of the local shops in San Martin.

Gonzalo Flego


Gonzalo was born in Campana near Buenos Aires. His father’s work took Gonzalo all over Argentina while he was young. His introduction to fly fishing was with his father. By the time Gonzalo reached college he had decided that he really wanted to be a trout bum. So he moved to San Martin to finish college where he earned a degree in tourism. While in college all of his free time, and some not so free time was spent riding a bike to the local streams and fly fishing. Gonzalo is now in his 4th year of guiding for Andes Drifters. If you are looking for a very active, very enthusiastic guide, Gonzalo is the guide for you. He will spend a lot of time trying to get you on the best fishing in Patagonia.

Dan Etcheverry


Dan was born in Santa Monica California. At age eleven his parents (both Argentines) decided to move back to Argentina, more specifically to Patagonia. That’s when his fishing passion began. Dan grew up in San Martin de los Andes which gave him plenty of opportunities to fish countless streams and lakes in the area. This passion soon became a way of life and now allows him to spend his summers floating the rivers he loves so much.

If you are looking for a laid back, easy going guide then Dan is the guide for you. He will take all the time needed to help you improve your skills and improve your fishing.

Erica Hiebaum

Logistics, Touring Coordinator

Erica was born in Bahía Blanca, a small town near the Atlantic coast in the south of Buenos Aires Province. While growing up, her parents took her and brother Gustavo on vacations to San Martin and the Northern Patagonia region, an area which she came to love. Erica earned a degree as an Elementary School Teacher and English Language teacher at the University Nacional del Sur. Together with Gustavo she started an Outdoor and Tackle store called Angler's Home in Villa la Angostura (they ran this business from 2000 until 2004 when they decide to sell it). Along with the store they started an outfitting business.

Erica learned all of the business logistics, while Gustavo was on the river. She also saw the need for activities for non angling companions. Erica has created the best touring and non angling activities package in Patagonia. From wine tasting, to cooking classes and of course the finest Spas in Argentina, Erica is a master a custom tailoring packages for the non angler in the group.

You will see Erica around the Lodge every day. She will ensure you are having the best trip of your life with Andes Drifters

Gustavo Hiebaum

Managing Partner Operations, Head Guide

Gustavo grew up in Bahia Blanca a small town south of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Coast. Gustavo developed a deep passion for fishing at a very young age. His parents would routinely take him and his sister Erica on family vacations to Patagonia.

Once he finished his degree in residential construction he decided to follow his fishing passion to Northern Patagonia. Where he, along with his sister, started an Outdoor and Tackle store called Angler's Home in Villa la Angostura (they ran this business from 2000 until 2004 when they decide to sell it) along with the store they started the Outfitting business.

After 10 years in the fly fishing industry Gustavo has not lost any of his passion for this sport. He is continually on the look out for new ventures every summer, training new guides and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Willy and Lidia Hiebaum

Willy and Lidia followed their children to Northern Patagonia, where they have become instrumental in the operation of Andes Drifters. Lidia and Willy retired from their careers as accountants so they could help their children run and operate Andes Drifters. They assist in every aspect of the business from driving, to restocking camp, to meeting clients at the airport.

Kevin Howell

Managing Partner Marketing and Management

Kevin grew up in Brevard, North Carolina and has had the opportunity to fish around the world. As owner of Davidson River Outfitters, Kevin met the Hiebaum’s several years ago on a hosted trip to Argentina. Kevin is currently an Umpqua Feather Merchant, signature fly designer, and a member of the Farbank Pro Staff where he works with Sage, Redington and Rio Products. Kevin has also authored several magazine articles, books and is past Fly Fishing Master’s National Champion.

Kevin uses his experience in the industry to assist in all marketing aspects, as well as helping develop new programs and products for us to offer our clients.