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Andes Drifters offers free-range red stag hunting opportunities on 24,700 acres (10,000 hectares) of private property with no fences. Our hunts are 100-percent wild. You’ll find an excellent population of red stags in Safari Club International (SCI) bronze and silver medal trophy classes.

You’ll stay in a comfortable new lodge in Las Breñas offering excellent service, food and wine.

This is a six-day hunting and fishing program available in March and April 2010 for minimum of two hunters. It includes the following:

The package does not include:


$6,000 USD per hunter.

We use the African wounded animal rule. If we find certain proof that the animal is wounded, it will be considered hunted.


The lodge provides premium accommodations and is located on 24,700 acres (10,000 hectares) of exclusive private property on the border on Lanín National Park and the bank of the Aluminé River. The house is very comfortable and built entirely of wood. It has been specially designed as a mountain lodge for hunters and fishermen. The living room features a cozy fireplace and offers a breathtaking view of the river and mountains.

Four luxurious double suites are available with world-class service and amenities including gourmet regional food and our famous wines. Enjoy the starry Patagonian night on the terrace with your favorite beverage and cigar.

Drive time to the lodge from the San Martin de los Andes and its airport is approximately an hour and a half.


We offer the ultimate hunting refuge—a mountain cabin in the middle of the Andes mountain range, where you’ll be surrounded by the magical sounds of nature including the roaring of wild deer. But you will also have heating, hot water, two bedrooms and a bath, a living room, and all of the other amenities you need for a comfortable stay.


Argentinean legislation makes it very convenient for our visitors to bring their own firearms inside the country. The total cost per temporarily entered gun is less than $25 USD (or 300 Argentine pesos). Please read carefully the text from the Argentina National Registry of Weapons (RENAR) below or on the official website at (Note: On the legislation transcribed here, you will find a regulation referring to submitting “…application at the origin country Argentine consulate.” This is not obligatory. You can travel to Argentina with your firearms and perform 100 percent of the processing at the local customs office before the Argentine Air Military Police.)

“Individuals who wish to go into the country with one or more firearms and their ammunition, with the proposal to perform hunting activity, sporting shooting or other legitimate purpose, will have to submit application at the origin country Argentine consulate, holding the equivalent legal possess authorization extended by the local authority, identification document or passport, requiring the applicable ‘temporary authorization and temporary possess permit’ of corresponding material, during their stay in Argentina.

“If the tourist arrived at Argentina without the ‘temporary authorization and temporary possess permit,’ drawn up by the argentine consulate, the Police authority that takes part will give the applicable temporary authorization and temporary possess permit during the stay in the country, ad-referendum of the National Registry of Firearms.

The temporary authorization and temporary possess permit, duly signed and stamped by the local Police authority, will enable the tourist who will stay temporary at Argentina, to possess, transport and use the firearms and ammunition for the legitimate activity and during the authorized time period.

When leaving the country, the individual will have to apply at the competent Policy authority, which will verify the exit of the corresponding firearms and alive ammunition and will keep the temporary authorization and temporary possess permit. If any temporary introduced firearm left, the individual will have to justify that circumstance with the due documents.”


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