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Tackle and gear list

Since we will be fishing in a mountainous area, expect weather changes daily.  You should plan on dressing in layers and on the worst possible weather you can think up. You will see temperature ranges from 35-95 often in the same day. Do not leave home without a good fleece jacket and a good gore-tex raincoat.  Remember that fleece and wool will keep you warm even when wet.  Do not plan on wearing denim around the water, because once it is wet then it stays wet.  Also be sure to divide your stuff up, carry at least one change of clothes, jacket and raincoat on the plane with you, along with one reel, and one rod.

Following is a list of gear, clothes, etc, that clients have found helpful in the past.  Now the constraining part of packing you will be limited to 100 pounds of gear and a maximum of two checked suitcases by the airlines.  I try to limit mine to around 60 because it will weigh more on the return trip when boots, waders, etc. are wet.

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  • Bring a photocopy of your passport to carry with you on the river so you do not have to carry your original.
  • Waders, good quality and be sure that they do not leak
  • Wading boots with felt or Vibram soles (no cleats will be allowed in the boats) also felt boots must be cleaned in a solution of Clorox water to kill all foreign stream born insects, mussels, bacteria etc.
  • Rain coat, gore-tex is recommended
  • Medium weight wind stopper fleece jacket
  • Fleece vest
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Camera
  • Hats, one with a full brim, one baseball cap
  • Thermal underwear
  • Fleece wading pants
  • Long sleeve quick dry shirts
  • Quick dry pants
  • Personal toiletries
  • Medication that you may need
  • T-shirts
  • Underwear
  • Warm socks for wading
  • Small flashlight or Petzel head lamp for around camp
  • Sun screen the best you can find at least 50 block
  • Chap Stick with sunscreen built in at least 15 SPF
  • Insect repellant
  • Wading staff
  • Vest or pack for fishing gear
  • Day pack for a change of clothes on days we travel away from the lodge in the event you go swimming


While there are some fly shops in the area we will be staying, getting to the shops during their hours of operation can be difficult.  Also you may find the need for supplies while you are on a float and camp trip so be prepared. The guides will also have flies but you may find yourself up the river or in a different location than your guide at points in the trip so it is nice to have some of your own stuff.  There is no way to predict every fishing situation that you may encounter but, after years of traveling in Argentina to here is the list of tackle that we recommend.

Limay Medio (Middle Limay) Tackle List

You will be battling large fish in heavy current and wind we recommend the following rods

  • Two 8wt fly rods, or at minimum one 8wt and one 7wt


  • Matching reels for your rods with spare spools be certain that they have good working drags you are probably going to see your backing a few times.

The lines are very specific and play a very large roll in your success. Casting a shooting head is very different than most of the fly casting you are use to doing. PLEASE purchase your line in advance and have the guys at you local fly shop help you learn to cast it. Once you get the hang of casting it, it is very simple and easy to achieve 60-80 foot cast with this set up.

  • 8 wt type 4 sinking shooting head (scientific anglers is best) with Rio 35# Slick Shooter running line
  • A high quality WF floating line for your other rod

These leaders are again very specific and will have a great impact on your success.

  • 9’ Rio Saltwater or Bass leaders tapered to 12-15# test

Forget the little stuff you are fishing for old Moby here.

  • 1 Spool each 10#,12#,14#,16#,18# Fluorocarbon Tippet

Other items

  • Collapsible stripping basket (William and Joseph belt style is best)
  • Teva’s or croc’s for around camp
  • Wet wading stuff as well as waders


  • Crease flies #2-#4/0
  • Floating Minnow patterns # 6 - # 4/0
  • Walker’s Wigglers # 6-#3/0
  • Very sparsely dressed deceivers # 6-#4/0